The pen with a mask!

24/7 protection for 2 years!
Germs destroyed within minutes of contacting the VirusPEN.

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Virus-Bacteria Interactions

Bacteria and viruses often occupy the same niches.

Virus-promoting interactions occur when the virus exploits a bacterial component to facilitate penetration into the host cell.

Viruses utilize bacterial components to enter target cells, while bacteria capitalize on the destructive nature of virus replication to gain footholds into previously inaccessible regions.

Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information

Viral Diseases

Bacterial Diseases

How does the VirusPEN fight?

Viruses do not grow and cannot multiply by themselves.  They must use the properties of bacteria and other cells as a host to survive, multiply the virus, infect more cells, and hitch a ride into our body.  

Antibacterial properties of the plastic components cause the following reaction to the microbes on the VirusPEN:

Advantage of Built-In Protection

Office Ink Pens have far more germs than a toilet seat!

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