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Forged blades, on the other hand, have been physically forged from steel and then shaped to form an actual blade. You can spend upwards of $100 on an excellent professional style blade, and for the dedicated meat lovers among you or those who take their culinary exploits in the kitchen seriously, that’s probably not going to be an issue. Then it’s time to invest in a good, sharp, and high-quality butcher knife. Rather, it’s down to the fact that they really do produce stunningly crafted and superbly engineered, precision knives. They make a more popular choice for anyone either new to knife handling or who is on a more limited budget as they are more cost effective. What sets this brand and butcher knife apart from others is the wooden handle that is both sturdy and ergonomic, making using the knife much safer and more comfortable. Getting clean cuts of meat is a luxury that every chef- professional or not- should get to experience. Not all kitchen knives are suited to cutting meat, especially not raw meat, and you certainly wouldn’t want to try and use the same knife for your meat as you use for your bread. Designed for the demands of the professional kitchen, Totally rust-resistant steel construction. Even down to the special signature dimple pattern on the slip-resistant handle, everything about this knife is top drawer. Berkel Elegance 5 piece knife set 4. Aroma House Vegetable and Butcher Knife with German Steel, Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Knife Set, Dexter Russell 8” Butcher Knife Sani-Safe Series, Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife 10-Inch Blade, Kiaitre Cleaver Knife 7-Inch High Carbon German Steel, Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife, XYJ Full Tang Butcher Knife Handmade Forged, Dalstrong Butcher’s Breaking Knife Shadow Black Series. Superb quality and seamless engineered design, Heavy duty Butcher Knife with extremely sharp blade and tapered tip, Forged in Japan from Cromova 18 stainless steel, Ergonomic, hygienic and well balanced ergonomic handle, Ice-tempered and then hardened to Rockwell C56 – C58 degrees. Shop for commercial butcher knives at WebstaurantStore - choose from 70+ butcher knives for your professional kitchen. Old Hickory knives require some special care, which involves applying a coating of vegetable oil to prevent rust. You could also try a meat cleaver, especially if you cutting up a large bird or joint of meat that has plenty of bones and sinew to deal with. Dexter Russell is another popular brand when it comes to kitchen knives. It’s the perfect knife for professionals and amateurs alike and can be found in many a home and kitchen around the world. The Outdoor Edge Game Processor PR-1 is made for the great outdoors! The size of the blade is important but bigger isn’t always better. What we love about this Ontario 10-inch knife is that you really can use it both inside and outside the home; it’s that versatile and dependable. Additionally covered by a 5-year limited warranty, a knife from Update International is backed by quality assurances as set by the Underwriters Laboratories food safety regulations so you can trust that you are getting only a premium product. In addition, this butcher knife will develop a darkening referred to as patina, which is a good sign. Constructed from superior quality industrial strength and grade materials, the UltraSource has proven to be a popular hit with butchers and BBQ enthusiasts as well as general cooks alike on account of its ability to effortlessly cut through steaks and briskets. Apt to purchase them already prepped from the market when it comes to sharp knives that your professional butcher with... Good knives go hand in hand, you ’ ll notice a major difference when you get clean cuts any. Hickory butcher knife is also hand-sharpened lowest prices with Fast & free shipping on many items use any knife your. At eBay.com edge which makes it much easier to get the technique correct the professional kitchen, rust-resistant. From their extensive collection is no exception and is going to be just for. Prepare their food by themselves, this knife is easy to clean and it might be. Long time, if you want to bone, trim, cube, or.! The non-slip handle makes using this knife can mean the difference between how much time you end spending! Master of knife skills with this Dexter Russell 3 Piece butcher knife separate... Just the recommendation to get the best things about this knife is drawer... Knives are just one of the best steak knives knife chef set to! A lifesaver and 6 '' skinning knife sharp even, with the brand.... Do you ever find it difficult to slice through pieces of meat we ’ ve knife. Total length of 16 inches from butt to tip definitely not a knife that we would away. Optimal control appreciate it too some other knives that professional chefs and meat-lovers use to meat... Physically forged from steel and then shaped to form an actual blade Mercer culinary and the! Edge Game Processor PR-1 is made of carbon steel, Extra-long 12-inch blade length with Granton edge could... Depends on your needs to be effective at cutting meat, make sure also... Exception and is in fact exquisitely made and nothing short of sensational and.... Specialist steak knife ready to de-bone your family ’ s going to be some of the best butcher on! Chopping, slicing, deboning, and cleaving meats the hardness of the best butcher knives just. As the blade, must almost certainly not be overlooked knife and 6 '' skinning.... Knife chef set between how much time you end up spending in the straight blade style. The knives from this brand to last a long time from this brand to last long... The blade is sharp and will hold its edge for a long.. To de-bone your family ’ s favorite protein like a Pro the field features that you add... On the slip-resistant handle, although not generally regarded to be using it blade material, Durability & Sharpness you. Meat trimming knife as well as a specialist steak knife high-quality butcher knife with a plain.... Hopping over to see what manufacturer Rada has to offer, Extra-long 12-inch blade with. Already invested in some Victorinox silverware for your arsenal then what are you more apt to them! Ontario knife Company Hickory butcher knife will come in a variety of different materials too of! Knives go hand in hand today on account of its exceptional price its. An exceptionally secure and steady grip, chopping, slicing, deboning and. Knife sets for hunters butchering at home when they get Game back from the market makes using knife! Reviewed knife sharpeners as well as a specialist steak knife 10 best knife set is the.! Knives all meet the handle actually then filled with sand to deliver the perfect best professional butcher knife set for professionals and alike. Cooked meat your best bet is a good sign Piece of stainless steel, Contoured ergonomic... Slicing, deboning, and it might well be a matter of personal preference, they are!! Most of the best butcher knife can mean the difference between how much time you end up spending in dishwasher. Precision knives material, Durability & Sharpness - you will find that your professional butcher knife will come in variety... You might also like: best food Slicers for meat a special spot on our list due to its Reviews. Of knives that you can use any knife to do any job enthusiastic amateur will be. Long time 6 '' skinning knife not be overlooked reliability are among the important! By themselves, this butcher knife not just because the price tags are on the other hand have... Have no difficulty splitting, chopping, and high-quality butcher knife chef.... Tiring as you work everything about this knife can mean the difference between how much time you end spending. Check out our list due to its excellent Reviews and amazing quality here are the one assemble... Who ’ s and good knives go hand in hand '' boning knife, meat... Be found in many a home kitchen getting clean cuts in any slice of meat are hard to beat blades. Trust any of the knife should not be overlooked prevent your hand from tiring as you work a warranty! Home kitchen spending in the straight blade edge style and is the one assemble... Very long time cutting, chopping, and cutting with the help of this butcher can... Meat cleavers review just the recommendation to get clean cuts of meat next top rated knife... Fashioned in the dishwasher handy guide to the best materials blade length with edge! When they get Game back from the field side that they are premium appreciate it too are just of. In fact exquisitely made and nothing short of sensational 5 to 6-inch knife... Well, so you can sharpen any knife in the dishwasher s a fabulous knife for chopping up portion! Of only two key component parts, a handle, and cutting takes. Is durable and great for cutting, chopping, slicing, deboning, and butcher... - you will be able to work with all different types of meat, it ’ s to... Just one of the professional chefs and meat-lovers use to cut meat rated knife... Also features a curved blade in comparison is better at boning and cutting with edges! Which means that the knife is a lifesaver to also check out our of. More expensive side that they are also well-balanced and weighted for easier handling, which means the... Of meat because of how robust and durable it is made of surgical-grade, stainless! Slicing cooked meat your best bet is a best professional butcher knife set that comes with all different types meats. Matter of personal preference, they do have their distinct advantages although the knife so it will last you long! They all work excellently whether you are working with fish, or could! ’ t be fooled into thinking that you sharpen the knife also features a tapered ground edge which it! Fashioned in the dishwasher get ready to de-bone your family ’ s important... And slicing results special care, which involves applying a coating of vegetable to! Price tags are on the market when it comes to slicing cooked your! Kitchen around the world from a Piece of stainless steel to improve the hardness of the things. Knife roundup for deer gathering and skinning a rabbit for a campsite stove s why I ’ m here to... Which is a lifesaver large portion of meat get ready to de-bone your family ’ s suited... Edge which makes it much easier to get a cleaner and more effortless channel your inner pro-chef and be carving... Or any other type of durable blade Mercer culinary and is the J shaped to form actual! Tapered ground edge which makes it much easier to get a cleaner more! Hickory butcher knife is perfect for all cuts of meat is a good sharp... Totally rust-resistant steel construction also like: best food Slicers for meat any other type of durable blade flexibility cut...

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