Viral Fight Rules

Same as VirusPEN, but different text and colors.*

Great for Pilots and Flight Schools!

Flight Schools can get free CaddyCUPs to sell pens for fundraising.

Possible beneficiaries:  EAA, Young Eagles, CAN, Angel Flight, or nursing homes with retired pilots.

*Origin of the VFRpen's branding

VFR is an aviation term which stands for Visual Flight Rules. Purely for marketing purposes, a version of the VIRUSpen was branded as "VFRpen" with the similar sounding tag line of "Viral Fight Rules" to grab the attention of pilots who need this pen.

Yes, it may be a stretch or a little like a "dad joke," but this pen is really serious and hard on viruses.The Coronavirus caused a lot of stress on the aviation industry.

As the designer of the PenCaddy System, and a private pilot, I want to assure you that the VFRpen is the same SERIOUS pen as the VIRUSpen that fights very SERIOUS viruses & bacteria. The price is the same as the VIRUSpen.